Practice Areas

We specialize in the acquisition and protection of intellectual property:

  • Patents: Our experts combine the technical knowledge required to understand your invention and the legal precision required to help secure the patent protection you need. We perform searches to assess the novelty of the invention, provide strategic counseling, draft patent applications, and prosecute the applications in the United States and abroad.
  • Trademarks: Strong branding can make or break a business venture. At HoustonHogle, LLP, our experts have decades of combined expertise in preparing and prosecuting trademark registration applications in the U.S. and obtaining international protection, as well as significant experience in trademark oppositions both in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Trade Secrets: We will counsel you about how best to protect your trade secrets and work with you to determine potential gaps in your trade secrets protection strategies.
  • Copyright: We handle a wide variety of matters relating to copyright registration and ownership.
  • Licensing: Licensing agreements are an important tool in capitalizing on your intellectual property assets and obtaining the market access that you need.  At HoustonHogle, LLP, our professionals have extensive experience negotiating and drafting licensing agreements.